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Over and over again, somebody goes in and writes about a case or a story how Microsoft in the long run comes to be a cheapter option than Linux based Operating Systems. Terry links me to a Forbes article titled Microsoft @ 30 ( that's quite a mature age). Below are interesting snippets.

Add in the cost of retraining users and IT staff, rewriting applications to run on Linux, and the cost of paying separately for programs like application servers, Web servers and directories (which come bundled with Windows). You also may need to pay consultants to stitch the pieces together, and you might need to buy insurance to protect you against lawsuits over intellectual property rights. (One outfit hawks such policies for $150,000 year.)

Torvalds' Linux kernel (the core of the operating system) is 13 years old. Other parts of the operating system are even older. Even if Linux does catch up, will it matter? If the Linux camp simply manages to create an operating system that does roughly what Windows does for roughly the same price, what will be the point?

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2004 6:23 AM Technical | Back to top

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