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One more week and one more tool. Now with this tool (Slickrun)looks like it is going to stay on my desktop for a while and as I start using it more and more and if things work out well, than this tool would be installed on most of the machines I manage as well as on all of my techy geek friends.

I am using it for one hour now, and it's good, have'nt touched each and every corner but I am sure will get it sometime soon. A tool allows to created command line based aliases for opening stuff like programs, going to Internet sites, and it one can even mark and drag text onto the slick menu and a small screen will pop-up. I can use this as a clip board and use it as I wish. For a instance I can copy the links that I have to visit in a day and as I finish reading the links I can just delete it from there. Having liked this tool, I am sure I will try someother tools from Bayden Systems as well.

Thanks to Scott Hanselman for the link up.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Thursday, September 9, 2004 1:37 PM Tools | Back to top

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