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How many business cards have you received last year and how many have you still treasured? How many cards did you give out to the last conference that you were at and how many calls,email or leads did you get out of it? I agree that designing, and handing out business cards is a skill by itself and should be mastered well for effective use of business cards.

Here is what Chris Brunner says on PRWeb “Most business cards are designed with little thought and handed out with little thought. It’s hardly surprising then that many are discarded without a second thought,” says Brunner. “Contact information alone doesn’t make your card memorable or desirable. You’ve got to add some marketing sparkle to your cards so that people will remember you and want to do business with you.”

Chris Brunner, president of  has published a ebook called “Unforgettable Business Cards”. The ebook can be downloaded from .

Tejas Patel

Posted on Wednesday, September 1, 2004 8:48 PM Misc. | Back to top

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