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Understanding RAM Technology

Mostly all computer people know what RAM is in the computer, but hardly many understand it. If we understand it better than we will have a better understanding of what RAM is the best option for our computer and what RAM to buy. Jarred Walton from Anand Tech gives us a overview of RAM technology. Good reading material.

I learn something new everyday.

Tejas Patel

Posted On Thursday, September 30, 2004 4:54 PM

Microsoft Security E-learning
Try Microsoft E-learning labs, both for developers and for networking guys. The following Security training and labs are offered for now: - Clinic 2801: Microsoft® Security Guidance Training I Clinic 2802: Microsoft® Security Guidance Training II Clinic 2806: Microsoft® Security Guidance Training for Developers Hands-On Lab 2811: Applying Microsoft® Security Guidance Training Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 29, 2004 5:53 PM

Effective Communication
Good communication skills are important in every phase of life, whether you are in IT or you are asking a question to a priest. My friend Pradeep C blogs a short story about it. Also, finally Pradeep is convinced of starting up a blog. It took a long time but finally Pradeep is blogging. Pradeep is a software developer in India, working with .NET and Java and lives in Bangalore. Welcome to the blogging world Pradeep. Hmmn, may be I was not communicating with him properly so it took such a long time, ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 29, 2004 5:42 PM

Terrabyte DVD
Enterprise IT Planet reports on a DVD media that will be able to hold 1 Terrabyte and more. I am happy but not surprised. This was going to happen. I am buying a dual layer DVD Burner soon, the prices for a single layer DVD and a dual layer DVD burner are the same. What surprises me is the fact that the writers says that these discs will not appear till 2010 or 2015! That's a long time to wait for such a technology. I guess that 1 terrabyte DVD's will be in the market well before than. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 29, 2004 2:21 PM

Vasanth says "Gbrowser is coming" / I want a superior version of Internet Explorer
Vasanth says Google is taking browser to next level up. Yes if this happens than it won't surprise me. Well I am just worried that if Google starts making everything up or owning everything up, they might start getting in trouble like Microsoft did with many many lawsuits from all over the place and people will start blaming them that they are killing the competition. Well if this happens or not, but I really want to see a cool product from Microsoft as far as browser is concerned. I still can find ......

Posted On Thursday, September 23, 2004 11:43 PM

Microsoft testing license validation on 'Microsoft Downloads Site'
Microsoft is testing their product validation software on Microsoft Download site. Now this is very good assuming it's completely anonymous. I know that for many people when they buy a new computer, they get preinstalled software and they are not really sure whether it is a licensed product or a pirated version. With the help of online validation, they can now actually see if it is not a pirated copy (still they won't be 100% sure) and also that the key is valid. These small utilities can be found ......

Posted On Thursday, September 23, 2004 11:11 PM

The 12 Principles of Civilization

A very good read about Web communities, The 12 Principles of Civilization. Came across this as I write a article on “The web increases the communities you bond to”. I sentence was written in one of Bill Gates books. I will for sure mention about 'blogs' in this article too.

Tejas Patel

Posted On Thursday, September 23, 2004 9:46 PM

Share Your Files and Go Directly to Jail?

Share Your Files and Go Directly to Jail? 

Now I think is going overboard with things.

Tejas Patel

Posted On Thursday, September 23, 2004 9:00 PM

Technical Certification Meetup
Yesterday evening was the date for the Technical Certification Meetup in Melbourne. I had a great time last night talking to my friends who are now a member of this meetup group.Discussions were done on different things and what all technical certifications people were interested into. As we all are working towards some certification or the other, everybody decided to set up a goal and then work towards it. Overall I had a nice time talking to other guys and it went really well and as per my expectations. ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 22, 2004 4:53 PM

New name for Newsgator
Robert Scoble links to Newsgator naming contest. I think some of the concerns from Greg might be valid. I myself was worried before starting to use Newsgator as it had the word 'gator' in the name and I was linking it to the spyware 'gator'. I am sure that many people who are not that involved in website browsing and doing their own research might be put off by the word 'Newsgator' as they have been told bad things about 'gator' in the past and they associate this with Newsgator. Just before I started ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 22, 2004 1:30 PM

Firefox, Firefox, Firefox..
OK, I finally gave up. I am happy with Opera and IE at the moment, but there was so so much buzz about Firefox, I decided that I will install and use Firefox for a while and see it for myself. Installation went OK, but the Installation options need a bit of rework. Started using the program, found it fast and rest of the things that are already repeated 1000 times around different blogs. Although I have nothing against Firefox, but still it lacks too many features that Opera has and on the other ......

Posted On Monday, September 20, 2004 4:57 PM

Gmail starts sending "Mail delivery failure" messages!
Ok, for few months that I have been using Gmail, I never got any mail delayed messages nor any Mail failure messages. This morning all of a sudden I got a mail delayed message for a message that I send for more than 24 hours ago. I tried sending email to not valid email address and I got Mail Delivery failure message straight away. I have tried the same experiements before too, but did not get any mail failure messages than. This messages and step definately helps me to trust Gmail more than I did ......

Posted On Saturday, September 18, 2004 10:12 AM

Download Linspire for free
OK, got these details on Redflagdeals. You can download the ISO of Linspire for free. “1.) Add Linspire to your shopping cart. 2.) On that page, simply click the Apply Coupon button. 3.) When asked, enter the following coupon code: deviant9 4.) Then click the Update button. This will apply a $49.95 discount. 5.) Then click the Update button. 6.) Next, simply check out! 7.) Once you’ve completed checking out, go here to download the .iso file you’ll need to burn your Linspire installation ......

Posted On Friday, September 17, 2004 4:49 PM

I am flaterred
I have to say I am flaterred and walking half an inch above the ground today. I was not able to blog on the things I wanted to blog from last few days and still is the same condition, so a bit sad I thought of opening my referrer logs this morning to see where the traffic is flowing from, hmmn. the traffic show me few referrers from one URL, click on it and find link. Wow, someone has linked to my blog along with Robert Scoble and few other blogs. ......

Posted On Friday, September 17, 2004 2:11 PM

Which is a better processor, the one with more GHz amd Mhz?
Commonly people think that a processor with more Mhz and Ghz is more powerful and will do a better job, not necessarily. This short write up by CoolTechZone gives us some more insight into this and above all, it is readable, meaning that you don't have to be an engineer to be able to understand what the author writes. At the end it depends on what kind of applications one is running on the system or is intending to run. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Friday, September 17, 2004 6:25 AM

Dubai's proposed Bubble city
My friend Nitin Krishnan sends me a scanned cut out of a newspaper for the Dubai's proposed Bubble city, sounds exciting. a city that will be stationed 200 metres above the earth with the help of two giant helium ballons. Entire city will be powered with Solar energy and it is expected to cost around $30 million dollars. I could only find one reference to this news in Google for now, check the translated page here. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 14, 2004 9:12 PM

Talking Virus

Now this is funny, but I am a little bit horrified. There is a new virus/malware that will use Windows Speech Engine to give users the intended message.More info on Theunofficialmicrosoftweblog.

Tejas Patel

Posted On Tuesday, September 14, 2004 12:19 PM

How much are you paying for Linux? OR Microsoft Vs. All
Over and over again, somebody goes in and writes about a case or a story how Microsoft in the long run comes to be a cheapter option than Linux based Operating Systems. Terry links me to a Forbes article titled Microsoft @ 30 ( that's quite a mature age). Below are interesting snippets. “Add in the cost of retraining users and IT staff, rewriting applications to run on Linux, and the cost of paying separately for programs like application servers, Web servers and directories (which come bundled ......

Posted On Friday, September 10, 2004 6:23 AM

Slickrun---Desktop Tool of the week
One more week and one more tool. Now with this tool (Slickrun)looks like it is going to stay on my desktop for a while and as I start using it more and more and if things work out well, than this tool would be installed on most of the machines I manage as well as on all of my techy geek friends. I am using it for one hour now, and it's good, have'nt touched each and every corner but I am sure will get it sometime soon. A tool allows to created command line based aliases for opening stuff like programs, ......

Posted On Thursday, September 9, 2004 1:37 PM

SplaTT's carcam

Cameron Reilly links me to SplaTT's Carcam featuring his visit to Canberra from Sydney during TechEd 2004.I watched it all, was fun, thrilling and the pace with which the car moves, looks as if we are watching a racing game. Fun to watch.

Tejas Patel

Posted On Thursday, September 9, 2004 11:39 AM

Bid on billions of dollars
Yes, you can bid on billions of dollars and a Gmail invite from as less as $US 15. The dollars are Blogshares dollars that you can use to buy and sell shares, bonds, ideas and companies.RWO is selling billions of dollars of blogshare money on Ebay. Good idea if you want billions of dollars for just a nominal price. I am just getting there slowly, now playing with some 200+ million $B. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 8, 2004 11:29 AM

Happy Birthday Google
Happy Birthday To Google.Wishing your very best for your future and all the innovative things that you do. You have helped me a lot in my research, finding information, people, friends and made my life a bit easy on this planet. Your advanced search features have helped me to finish my reports and projects without getting flamed for plagiarism :). You have helped me the most when my wife wanted to find some lyrics of some old old song and with the help of you I could find them and make my wife happy. ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 8, 2004 10:33 AM

One more P2P program that seems to be fire-wall friendly
Sumit Dhar links me to Filetopia which and sumit says that it is a firewall friendly P2P program. “Filetopia is a free communications software that includes: instant messaging, chat, a powerful file sharing system with a search engine, online friends list and message boards. What is unique to this software is the level of security and privacy that it provides. It uses a choice of strong ciphers and public key techniques for all communications and sophisticated techniques to protect your IP ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 7, 2004 5:32 PM

Nilesh Chaudhari on 'Auditing Web Applications'
A new blogger is on my list, name is Nilesh Chaudari.He did a recent presentation on 'Auditing Web Applications'. I went through the presentation slides and even though I am not a developer I could learn quite a few interesting bits about web applications and security and few things about SQL Injection. The presenatation can be downloaded from here. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 7, 2004 5:23 PM

A worm might letting you watched and heard
There is a worm called W32/Rbot-GR which gets onto Windows system and if they have webcams and microphones, than start recording the coversation and sending the images through the webcam.Creeppy Crap. Darn scary. I have shivers in my body now just imagining what pictures and conversations might get out by this. More information from here. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 7, 2004 5:16 PM

Scary mobile phone tales
Now this post on Urban Legend scares me a lot. I do talk on phones while they are being charged and connected to the main supply. After reading this, I will think 10 times before answering a phone while it is being charged and will advise others not to do so as well. The stories are based on how mobile phones have exploded and harmed people either while being charged or while they were just lying around. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 7, 2004 11:09 AM

Google IM
OK, to count the main Google products we have Google Search, Google Groups, Gmail, Google News, Google Adwords, Picasa, Blogger to name a few. Now they are hoping to have Google IM as well. More details can be found from website. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Monday, September 6, 2004 5:42 PM

Terrar- RSS Search Engine
While checking my referrer today, I found that I had been refferred by website, upon checking I noticed that is is a RSS search engine. Worth checking. The 5 minute trailing of the website , I found the following things:- 1) It is not as updated as Feedster 2) I found it as faster as feedster 3) The neat feature is, I can query for a think and then open the preview of that website on the same search page instead of opening 10 other webpages***** 4)The feature of “Results box to put ......

Posted On Monday, September 6, 2004 5:32 PM

Melbourne Technical Certification Meetup Group
The new 'Organiser' feature in is good. It lets the enthusiastic people in the community organise the Meetups and try to keep an order in the community. This will allow them to officially organise Meetups as well as events. I am a member of Melbourne Technical Certification Meetup Group for few months now and I volunteered to be a organiser of this group. There was no contest as I was the only person who volunteered for this position. I got an email on this weekend saying that I was now ......

Posted On Monday, September 6, 2004 11:34 AM

"Are Privacy Policies Unenforceable and Meaningless?"
“Are Privacy Policies Unenforceable and Meaningless?” if was asked to me, I would say “ they should be not meaningless but sometimes it seems that they are meaningless”. Plaxo's Privacy Guy 'Stacy Martin' is doing an excellent job convincing people on to trust Plaxo and their privacy policy. She has sure convinced me that I can use it as well as recommend using Plaxo to others, but still there small particle of suspicion allways remains somewhere in the mind with so many bad ......

Posted On Friday, September 3, 2004 4:51 PM

Art of planning and handing out a business card
How many business cards have you received last year and how many have you still treasured? How many cards did you give out to the last conference that you were at and how many calls,email or leads did you get out of it? I agree that designing, and handing out business cards is a skill by itself and should be mastered well for effective use of business cards. Here is what Chris Brunner says on PRWeb “Most business cards are designed with little thought and handed out with little thought. It’s ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 1, 2004 8:48 PM

CD / DVD Shredder
I read this article on PRWeb about CD/DVD shredder and start wondering what other people do to get rid of their CD/DVD's filled with personal information that should not be available to anybody else? The price of this CD/DVD shredder is $US 130 which is too much for me to justify the price of the it seeing that I don't shread 15-20 CD/DVD's in a day. But yes, I face with the problem of disposing CD/DVD's often. With paper it is easy, use a paper shredder, but how easily should I dispose the CD/DVD's ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 1, 2004 8:33 PM

Presenting with PowerPoint: 10 dos and don'ts
Lately I have started using Microsoft Powerpoint extensively for my presentation needs, both work wise and with online collaboration and at the University subjects that I am doing. I have been taking tips from 'Beyond Bullet' and this article from Microsoft comes handy on time. It is called “Presenting with PowerPoint: 10 dos and don'ts”. Tejas Patel ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 1, 2004 3:31 PM

Australian PM caught up in email spamming

Looks like John Howard is facing some controversy with the email that he has sent to the people before the election that's on 9th October this year. BBC has more details.

Tejas Patel

Posted On Wednesday, September 1, 2004 2:00 PM

12 Points on how to start blogging

So are you one of those who still has'nt started on blogging and want to start up your own blog, than visit Phil Windley's 'How To Start A Blog' post and make sure you stress on reading point no. 12 from Robert Scoble's manifesto. Via. Steve Rubel. Nice blog Phil, subscribed.

Tejas Patel

Posted On Wednesday, September 1, 2004 1:03 PM

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