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Looks like everybody enjoys and loves finding design flaws in Internet Explorer. I had never heard of notepad popups until 5 minutes ago, have you heard of them before? Richard Smith talks on Notepad popups and their side affects.He tells us some side affects of Notepad popups:-

  • A Notepad window will pop up automatically in an HTML email message even when scripting is turned off.
  • Most popup blocker software packages do not block Notepad popups.
  • A simple email HTML message or Web page can easily open thousands of windows causing system stability problems. For example, a single <IMG> tag can tell Notepad to editted the system file c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll and 20 megabytes of virtual memory is consumed. A 100 <IMG> tags would consume 2 gigabytes of virtual memory.
  • A Windows system could become corrupted if a user accidentally changes the contents of a system file which appears in Notepad popup window and then saves these changes because they don't know any better.
  • Yes, he is right, my pop up stopper did not block this pop-up when I click on the this site. He also makes a few suggestions about it on his site. Now I definately see BAD people exploiting this flaw as they call it and doing some naughty things. I am seriously thinking of using a normal account for my day to day browsing now. No I am not stupid, I knew that all along, but when I am logging on to different computers to fix network related issues, having administrator access helps me a lot and saves me some time too.

    Tejas Patel

    Posted on Monday, July 5, 2004 6:37 PM Security | Back to top

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