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Peter Caputa likes to follow a policy of “Link to me and i will link to you”. Peter you owe me a big time now, I have linked to you twice today and actually making three links (kidding).

The topic of blog linking has been covered many many times before from all the different aspects, talking from social aspects to technical aspects to traffic on your blogs issues. Recently MY DEAR FRIEND Robert Scoble wrote me something more on linking (notice the capital letters, it is a part of socialising too).

Here is the list of what I think the benefits of linking, by no way is this a complete list of even what I think. If you think key points are missing, put on as comments.

  1. When you link to a blog or a website, you recognise other person's work
  2. You become authority of something
  3. When you link to somebody else's blog and you put your own opinions and views against it, it creates more value. You can even correct that person if he is wrong in the first place.
  4. You reference other person's work if you are extracting parts from it.
  5. You web the Internet more closer and this helps in your Google positioning too.
  6. It creates a social connection. This is my favourite reason. For example when people link to me or I see any refererr coming, I visit his blog which makes me aware of the existense of his blog, it makes me realise that he is a regular reader of my blog and I read other posts on his blog and if they interest me, I normally tend to subscribe to those blogs.This has two beneifts, firstly my reading is increasing and secondly the readers of the other blog are increasing too, as the chances that I will link to that blog again in the future drastically increases.
  7. URL linking helps in social networking too, I know many people now that I look forward to meeting when I go back to India and the whole connection began just either because they commented on my blog or they linked to my blog. I look forward to meeting Tameem Ansari, Nitin Krishnan (he recently got motivated on writing more on his blog), Umesh , Anand (Dotnet Guru as I hear) and many others.
  8. Using services like Google and Technorati, I know who all are talking about me when they link to my blog.
  9. The other common benefits of 'Tracked By'.
  10. You really make the person you link to proud of himself and his writing.
  11. You are sharing your readers with the other person creating a bigger network.
  12. My readers to tell me!!

I had many distractions while writing up this post, I have forgotten few other benefits!! While writing this post I also got an invitation from Orkut by Vinayak Kamat who is now in my friends list and he tells me that he is a regular reader of my blog, makes me even more prouder. He has posted a joke relating to which has the word 'Microsoft' in it. I like your blog Vinayak, keep it up.

Tejas Patel-- Linking your ownself is not a bad idea either :)).

Posted on Wednesday, June 2, 2004 12:40 PM Misc. | Back to top

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