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Some of my good and caring friends do become my enemies at times. My well educated friends, who are doctors, graduates, chartered accountants, teachers, developers and engineers are stupid and superstitious. Every now  and then I recieve chain email telling me to “forward this email to 10 of your friends and you will win 100000 dollars in a month time” or “send this email to 15 people or your family member will die” and many many more headings that come up every month. My friends are superstitious and or they might be doing it in good faith, but then there is no need for forwarding such stupid chain mails. Why do you think God will punish you if you won't forward the his/her picture to 10 of your other friends? Does God care if you don't pray him? Did God use email?

How does forwarding a screen saver of beautiful flowers or message from jesus get you $100000 dollars? It is just stupid to send such messages to other people and annoy them and also put them into superstition. I am sure that most of us get annoyed when we receive such email, but still some of us would forward such email to other friends. Why? Why do you want to annoy others too like you were annoyed and confused? SPAM is getting increased day by day as we speak, so try to reduce the no. of SPAM mail by not forwarding such mail and this will also reduce the network loads.

Just thin of the network bandwith that is waste in this non productive method part from the SPAM issue, considering that each email would consume a total of 10 KB bandwith, send that email to 10 people and then repeat that cycle for three times by all those 10 members and it will consume 10 MB of bandwith just at the third cycle of the chaining process. Calculate the bandwith that will be wasted at the end of 10th cycle?

So next time you get any such chain mail, just delete it and warm your friends not to forward such email to you again and explain him/her the reason behind it. There are many good projects out there that you can help by using your bandwith and processing power to achieve some real goals.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, May 28, 2004 8:17 PM Security , Technical | Back to top

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