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Many of my friends complain that their machines are slow, or they cannot find 'things' on their computer, their computer crashes often, software are not responding properly and few other common complains and my best buddy Nirav has a habbit of formating his machine every time he find a problem on his PC, as he thinks that that is the best solution to fix the issue (you are right if you are thinking that he is using lot of his time just rebuilding his PC, when he could be using his time doing some coding). Errors, problems, clutter, crashes are part of using the computer and one can never be totally free of these problems if he/she is religiously using the computer. Having said that, I think the best approach is to keep the system clean and install only things that are needed on the computer and cleaning the system periodically like we clean our houses and ourselves.

I found a list of 12 steps that can help our systems in a healthy state and can also make us more productive than just complaining about the poor performace of our computer.

  1. Get rid of files you don't really need.
  2. Uninstall unnecessary programs.
  3. Organize your files and folders.
  4. Clean up your Desktop and Start menu.
  5. Reduce your email spam, and sort through and organize your Outlook mail.
  6. Clean and fine-tune the Registry.
  7. Optimize your hard drive.
  8. Install the latest upgrades.
  9. Incorporate PowerToys and good shareware to help keep your machine clean and running efficiently.
  10. Improve security and set up a good firewall.
  11. Back up your system on a regular basis.
  12. Use a smart approach if you think your machine is ready to be retired.

The article is authored by Joli Ballew.

Happy cleaning guys, I have been using most of these steps since early days of my PC usage and had only reinstalled my OS few times and had very few crashes.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, May 28, 2004 7:42 PM Technical | Back to top

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