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OK, this is third continous post which links to something that Steve Rubel is saying. Steve Rubel is going on a blog only information week, in which he will only read blogs for a week time, no newspapers and no news websites and wants to test at the end of the week whether he has the same information by reading all the blogs that he would have otherwise.

My views on this are as follows:-

Sounds interesting Steve, I have tried this in the past when I was extremely busy with work and was hooked to the blogs and it works out OK, the only place I was lacking was the politics, as did not subscribe any political blogs at that time. As such I have positive thoughts about this process, becuase you cut all the crap from the journalists and read the things that are straight to the point and you get to read so many different views on the same story which can be enhancing experience.

Good luck with your experiment. I could not comment on your blog today, as my IP comes under some spam list and got an error message, is there a way to fix this, as this is utterly annoying for genuine people as well as discourages me from visiting your blog.

Peter Caputa, I have subscribed to your blog, some problems I encountered are:-

Could not put comments on your blogs as my IP is under some spam list, annoying and discourages me a lot.

Tried to email you, your email is full , please clear your inbox so people can communicate with you.

Try to have a Conact Us page on your blog, as I have it on my blog, so people don't have to login into their email accounts while visiting your blogs.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2004 10:34 AM Misc. | Back to top

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