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Steve Rubel links me to an article  on how real estate agents are using blogs as a tool now. I think it is a great idea and has many advantages. Apart from the fact that real estate agents can use them to advertise or market about their clients, they can also periodically hand out tips that clients should be aware of while buying or selling real estate, there can be tips on renting of properties and a lot. Allmost all the real estate agents I know have their websites and to link those blogs to their website will be a added advantage. They can write on topics relating to real estate in their locality, city or country and what their tips are. As a client I see many advantages of it. To name some of them, they are:-

  • I see agents suggesting their personal choices, tips that can be handy which is different from their corporate sales pitch
  • I get an personal view on the upcoming trends in the market
  • I can be educated on legal issues
  • It can be a great open dialogue between clients and agents which otherwise might not be possible under corporate roof

I see that there are quite a few Real Estate agents blogging in U.S. but so far have'nt come across any Australian agent doing any blogging. This might be a nice business oppurtunity for some here.

Tejas Patel


Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2004 2:27 PM Misc. | Back to top

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