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OK, now it is official that Sonia Gandhi will not be the PM as she has declined from that position.I saw this news this morning on the Australian news channel before I went reading the news on the Indian websites. I bet she now has scored more votes for her than she did before, it was a very wise speech that she gave.

I am still sad that BJP is not in power and I am still trying to understand that fact that people are opposing her or were opposing her from the Prime Ministership just becuase she is not Indian born, as far as my knowledge goes, she is in India for more than 3 decades, abit more before I was born and other other bloggers on the Internet even understood 'P' of politics.It's just immature when poeple start pulling facts that she was a maid and she comes from poor family and things like this, what does that prove now?? nothing. Were all our PM's Billionaires or Industralists??

If Indian leaders and voters elected her to be a PM, let it be, after all it is a democratic country. Did'nt the people who voted for her and accepted her the way she was realise the fact that she was a foreign born Leader??

I think it is not fair to just reject Sonia Gandhi because she is not Indian born. Among a list of reasons, the main reasons are:-

* The people of India new that or a part of that when they elected Congress people, this is democracy
* She is in India for more than three decade now, she has accepted the ways of India and I admire her the way she has got out of all the oppositions and still maintain her calm and wisdom.
* Don't our nationalist leaders know that she is not Indian born, but they are still voting for her to be a PM, they still want her to be a leader, I don't think that they are all fools and don't recognise the fact that 'Sonia is not Indian born'.
* It was never the case that she could do whatever she wanted after being a PM and people or her fellow Ministers could not stop her from doing the wrong

One fundamental questions, thousands and thousands of people migrate to other countries from India year after year and some take interest in politics in the country they are, what if the NRI's (Non Indian Residents) want to stand for a political position in that country? Do you think that they should be allowed or disallowed? As far my knowledge goes we had a Indian PM in Fiji few years ago for a short duration of time, we have some Indian people in politics in Mauritius , how would the Indians feel if they are rejected by the local people after living in that country for many decades because NRI's were not born in that country even if they were living in that country for 30-40 years and were citizens of that country?

Posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2004 8:06 AM Misc. | Back to top

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