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Abhishek Kant says “Why blogging is not my cup of tea!!! “. I was linked to Abhishek's Blog from Anand. Abhishek gives 10 reasons on why he think he should not be blogging and I don't agree completely with any one of those. Here are my responses:-

Abhishek Says:-”1. I have to be connected to the internet for the same. - Most of the times i am without a computer leave aside internet connection.“

Not necessarily Abhishek, you don't have to continously blog for whole day, write the things that you want to blog about when you are offline, and the moment you are online just copy and paste it into your Blogspot account and it's done. You don't have to spend hours on the Internet for blogging.

Abhishek Says:-“2. My friends don't blog.. and if i start talking about blog they look as if i am talking greek.“

You might end up making some more friends if you start blogging or if you blog more. Tell your friends to visit your blog twice or thrice in a week, blogging is not rocket science, so it won't take long before they understand what blogging is, the chances are that they might get hooked to it too. Hey you have just made a friend here, I will look for a RSS feed for you blog, if not I have bookmarked your blog and will create a feed myself.

Abhishek Says:- “3. Blogging takes too much time.. in case ur interested in one's online personality, blogging is for you... otherwise if u r touchy feely ... nah nah.. I DON'T have time to blog..“

This is totally incorrect, most of the best blogs are from prominent people off the Internet too, I can give you thousands of examples which are repeated hundreds of time before, but I will live that for you to research. In my opinion, “touchy and feely“ people can write better blogs, time should not be an issues as I mentioned earlier, ofcourse it is not a necessity that you create blogs on a daily basis, just write when you think you have something to tell.

Abhishek Says:-“4. I feel like a preacher when i am blogging - I am not a preacher“

You don't have to feel this way, blogging is not about preaching, it is about sharing, sharing your views, your opinions about something, about someone, about whatever you are doing, the more you share the more you learn, this is what I have learned from my blogging experience so far, I can keep on talking on this topic for a long time...

Abhishek Says:-“5. I can't disclose my innnermost feelings on internet - I am shy!!!“

You don't have to disclose your innermost feelings, you don't have to necessarily blog about your personal life, I have never seen Anand M blogging about his life or what does he do after hours. You said you are 'shy', don't you want to get rid of that feeling, that's one more reason that you should blog.

Abhishek Says:-“6. I have nothing to talk about - not really but to invisible audience it is..“

I have'nt seen your profile yet, but I will try to find it if it exists. Do you think that there is nothing interesting and exciting happening in your life? I don't think so. Tell us about your work, your experiences, your city whatever, the invisible audience loves to know about those things, as they don't know much about those topics.

Abhishek Says:-“7. I never maintained diaries growing up.. why should i now?“

Neither did I. Blogging = not maintaining your dairy, it is above that.

Abhishek Says:-“8. I feel naked while blogging.. “

Why do you feel naked while blogging, you are not talking about your affairs, your sex stories, your night mares, you can talk something that you are comfortable with, I felt the same way before I started blogging, but then I realise that it depends on how you shape your blog, what you write in it, you don't have to write anything that you are uncomfortable talking to people. Anand said you are looking after MSDN Connection Program in India, write something about it, your experiences, what people might like to know, what other are doing in Countries like Australia and other Asian countries.

Abhishek Says:-“9. I vent out any emotion i feel in person.. there is nothing unsaid that i can write here.. no hidden thoughts.. - I am direct..“

You are a people's person, I will like to connect with you and I will like to know what you talk about when you meet somebody in person, ofcourse I won't know it until you blog or email me your thoughts as I am in Melbourne, Australia.

Abhishek Says:-“10. Frankly, given an option between blogging and outdoor activities, I would choose the latter..“

That's the best option and I will go for the same, blogging does not eliminate outdoor activities, it might enhance your experiences, again I can talk long lectures on this as well (ofcourse, these are my views, I am not trying to preach anybody here ;) ). Tell us about your outdoor experiences when you can, I will like to more from your part of the world.

Wow that was fun having a online 'offline' conversation with you, let me know what your thoughts are. I will try to find you on Orkut and add to my friend list. Thanks Anand. Do you think I wasted my time writing all this, no I don't think so Abhishek, I just met an interesting person from India- The Land Of Wonders.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, May 7, 2004 8:53 AM Misc. | Back to top

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