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IT Digest - Ingenious Tejas's Digest Blog is an excellent idea, congratulations and thanks to the people working at Microsoft.I checked the available videos and they are great, I don't know how good they will work for people on a dial up account, but it's worth a try. Why are'nt videos downloadable or will they be downloadable in the future, I think it can be a good idea and can help thousands of people wanting to learn Microsoft programming language.

Would be a good idea if something similar is being planned for C# too. For people wanting to learn VB.NET I think they can grab a can of coke, pop corn and sit by their computers and watch some VB movies on the weekends and have fun, you won't have to spend money after buying or renting DVD's for three to four months.

Tejas Patel


Posted on Tuesday, May 4, 2004 12:47 PM Tools , Misc. | Back to top

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