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Ok, finally I got off my back and fine tuned clear type fonts on my system, offf, I can'nt tell  you what I was missing all this while, I kept reading about ClearType put never used it myself. Will have to tell you guys, I am loving it. Ok where did this start, I was reading Channel 9's forum and was reading a thread created by my friend Robert Scoble titled “Bill Hill - Do you think anyone is going to read a book on the screen? “. Thanks to Robert as he linked to the Microsoft Website where I can fine tune Clear type fonts.

The answer to Robert's question is, 'Yes' & 'No'. I have read many books or their part substancial part on the screen, just becuase I read way to many books on different topics and I cannot afford to buy them all nor can I afford to cut down the forests by printing them all just for reading it once. But sometimes it really gets tiring and yes the 'Form factor' is not there too. I really want few hours away from the computer screen, so I can take away the book or my paper printouts and sit on a chair or in my front yard and breate the fresh air and enjoy the reading. I don't think that I will really enjoy reading 600 page novel on my computer screen nor will I enjoy reading other lengthy books as well.

But I still read books on programming on the screen as it is easy to follow up and cut and copy the code from there. Well with this Clear Type 'On' on my computer now, I will try to read some books and will let you know my reviews.

Tejas Patel


Posted on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 9:04 AM Technical | Back to top

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