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Being my blog friends and also Orkut friends, I thought of going a step further and get a bit more connected to my friends Sanjay, Tameen and Anand, I added them to MSN in the morning, dropped them a message in Orkut and in the evening I was talking to them. Learned quite a few things about Sanjay and Ansari. Was pleased to know that Sanjay is a computer magician , he knows everything (atleast more than me) and Ansari who realised me that he is a year younger than me. Sanjay also writes blog in Hindi which is a national language in India; 'hrudaygaatha' means 'Tales from the heart'. Tameen Ansari is a MVP staying in Hyderabad and looking after the user group there which can be found at and he stays alone (is there a geek girl out there who wants to share an appartment with him ?)  while Sanjay is living and working in Mumbai and he frequents to  Microsoft events as a presenter. Still got to get connected to Anand M of DotnetIndia sometime.

Edit:- Now I am connected to Nitin Krishnan (he is going to create one blog soon, won't you Nitin?) and he is from Keral now in Bangalore working as a Business Development Manager and likes making friends. I got connected to him via Ansari, he likes to travel and likes the color black. He has a online handle of “will-o'-the-wisp“.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, March 12, 2004 6:02 PM Misc. | Back to top

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