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RFID Journal posted a story a week ago about a threat to Gen1 tags from a cell phone attack.  The attack was detailed at RSA Security's annual conference.  It involved a side-channel attack that analyzes the power output of the tag.  The power output attack is based off the idea that a tag processing invalid password bits will consume more power.

The story is quite interesting.  However, the attack wasn't carried out by a cell phone.  Instead the researchers detail a plan that they guess would take about a minute using a cell phone that had been specially modified -- probably through firmware.  They also go on to say that Gen2 tags are probably also susceptible although it would take longer, because the Gen2 tags have 32-bits of protection versus 8-bits.  (The new RFID credit cards work on the HF band, so they're not a likely target for a cell phone attack.)

Click here for the full article at RFID Journal

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