I finally unboxed my Spectre x360 from the Microsoft BUILD conference and fired it up.  I thought it might be useful to prospective buyers to cover the pros and cons of this machine.


My first impressions are that the form factor is very thin.  If fits very easily as a second machine into my backpack adding extra compute capabilities.  It has a bright, wide screen making it easier to get work done.  Generally it will also run all day on one charge depending on how process intensive the apps are that you are running.

Another plus is that with a real laptop mode, an acceptable processor, RAM and SSD, and a full keyboard makes this a viable secondary development machine.  This is something that my Surface Pro with the loosely connected keyboard and very little storage can’t do.


Power and Windows buttons are hard to find.  It would be better if there was a Windows button in the bezel like other machines that operate as tablets.  The screen also has a lot of bounce to it when you touch it in laptop mode.

After using my original Surface Pro for so long I am really missing having a stylus.  I’ve tried using the Surface stylus and it doesn’t recognize that anything is there.  OneNote on a tablet with a stylus is a great combination for meetings and conferences.


In the final evaluation it is a good machine for someone what need a lightweight machine with good battery life and decent horse power.  If you just need an email machine there are much cheaper machines.   So if you are in the right audience give it a look.