Day 1 rocked.  So how could they top that?  By having more goodies to give away!  During the keynote they announced that attendees would get one year of Office 365, 100 GB of SkyDrive and one year of Adobe Cloud Service.  Overall they key note was long with more information shot at you than you could possibly absorb.  They went about 20 minutes over time which made me think that they could have split it to a 3rd keynote and given us a better idea on some of these topics and perhaps addressed the one open question that was floating around Twitter.  That is, what is going to happen with XBox development.  It sounded like there was a quick side mention of that, but I missed it.

The rest of the day was packed with great sessions full of Windows 8, Azure and Windows Phone goodness.  I had planned on attending Scott Hanselman’s talk, but they had so many people this they had to push to an overflow room.  Stay tuned from session summaries later.


The day was topped off by an attendee party across from the San Francisco Giant’s ball park.  It was kind of quirky and and fun.  They set it up on one of the piers in the bay and had food served by food trucks.  You would be surprised how good the food was.  Add in some pool tables, fooseball, video games, a DJ, a comedian/musician and plenty of spirits and it was a great way to end day 2.

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