It is amazing what you can miss if you don’t check every day.  The Geeks With Blogs web site home page recently got an overhaul and I didn’t even notice.  The first thing that I noticed was the new color of the logo.  It stands out better for color blind people like myself and is easier to read over all.  This along with the lighter color scheme make the site a lot easier on the eyes.

The biggest drawback I see is that the list of current posts has dropped below the fold, so to speak.  Featured, most popular and hot topics can easily be seen when you open the page, but you don’t see the current posting until you scroll down.  For me this is what I come to the site to see.  I’m not sure how you get the best of both worlds, but I would like to see this section get better positioning.

On a personal note, I liked the old site having a total of the posts for each blogger.  The new top geeks list is based on recent hits which while seems fair leaves me wishing there was a way to see the totals as well.  It was a kind of personal competition to see who I could pass on the list next.

Overall I believe the changes are very positive and it was nice to see the site get a face lift.  Geeks With Blogs is a great community and I invite everyone to visit the site and drink in the available topics covered there. Tags: ,