feed me

Prior to the announcement that Google will be shutting down Google Reader I was using Feed Reader to keep up with a number of blogs.  The announcement of course sent me scrambling like everyone else.  The additional aspect of the problem is whether the mobile reader solution you are currently using offers more options than just Google Reader.  In my case it didn’t.  I ended up with Feed Me since it integrates with Newsblur.

The Feed Me’s interface is definitely functional with the ability to share posts and save them to read later services like Instapaper.  There were a couple of features that had been in Feed Reader that I found myself wishing for.  The first is that capability to have some sort of context menu directly on the unread post list.  This is because many times I am just doing a quick scan of the new posts and will just mark them as read later in Instapaper.  The other feature involves audible reading of posts.  While Feed Me offers the ability to launch out to Soundgecko to play a single post, Feed Reader had this functionality in the app and would sequentially read your entire list of posts.  The only other improvement that I would like to see is it being showing more graphics from the original post.

Overall I find the application capable and will probably be my main blog post reader for a while.  If they make a few improvements I can easily see them becoming a permanent fixture on my Lumia.