Yesterday Twitter released their Windows 8 native application.  This is just a short time after releasing an update for Windows Phone.  It took my all of two minutes determine that these applications are unusable for the way I use Twitter and their web site doesn’t cut it either.

Now I admit that my usage may not be the same as the majority of Twitter subscribers, but I don’t think it is entirely outside the norm either.  I use multiple accounts because of user groups that I work with and employer accounts.  I also follow a number of lists and searches to keep up with the technologies that I work with on a daily basis.  So far the only desktop client that fits my needs is Tweetdeck which now it appears is on the way out.


The Windows Phone mobile client from Twitter is also greatly lacking.  Media integration and save for later features like Instapaper are weak or non-existent.  The app is so disappointing that it is barely useful.

I realize that Twitter is trying to better monetize their usage, but they are as popular as they are because of the third party apps.  They can’t expect people to use their web site either unless they improve the experience there universally either.  If they can’t implement the features that people are used to having or better alternatives then they have no business cutting off third party apps.  Find a way to leverage the fact that people want these third party app rather than alienating the community. Tags: ,