This month we had a great turn out.  I was glad to see so many people come out on a cold Chicago evening. Shankar kept the subject as light as possible with a number of humorous images and one liners.  The presentation was packed wall-to-wall with information for those of us who had not investigate NoSQL up to this point.  I came a way feeling that this is a subject deserves a lot more attention and could also take a lifetime to become proficient in.  I am encouraged that there are solutions such as NoSQL as alternatives to the database clustering solutions that I have seen at fortune 500 companies in the past.  Great job Shankar.

Shankar has supplied us with the following links and a request from his presentation.

Shankar's presentation - Navigating NoSQL in cloudy skies  - is available here:

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I am working on a topic and presenter for February and will make an announcement once it has been confirmed.  See you all next month.