Your Enterprise Windows Phone 7.5 application has different requirements and restrictions than the majority of apps in the store.  While we now have Windows Phone 8 with different distribution methods, your client may still have 7.X devices that require using targeted distribution via the store.  You need to consider how to allow the certification team to test your app without exposing sensitive data or affecting production systems.  There are a few choices you have:

  • Supply the testing team with test credentials to your system
  • Make your app redirectable to a test system
  • Apply for a technical exception

The first thing you will need to do is mark the app as hidden in the Distribution Channel section.  This will make it so that you can send the URL for the app to each individual who should have access to it when it is published.


All of the your options from this point will require using the More XAP Options hidden area of the Upload XAP section.  If you chose to give the certification team access to your app by either method you will need to give the team instructions through the Certification Notes area.  Otherswise you will need to check the Technical Exception option and follow from there.


I can’t say that this any of the options are going to give you a clear cut path to certification, but if they testing team cannot test the functionality of your application I can garuntee that it will be rejected.  It does seem that the threshold for technical exception is probably pretty high, so this should probably be your last option.  From here you are going to have to decide which approach makes the most sense for your situation.