I had heard that Yahoo was bringing out a new web interface, but I was surprised to find a Windows 8 app show up in the store as a featured app.  Given this is my mainstay for mail no matter what company I work for or what internet provider I am using.  Now the question is how much benefit does it give over the Windows Mail client?

For basic functionality the Yahoo Mail app is well laid out and easy to use.  It makes quick work of operations like moving messages to folders or creating and replying to messages.  It is also fast and beautiful and looks almost exactly the same as the new web interface.

On the negative side I would really like to see are calendar and contact management.  The only setting that you can manage in the app is your signature.  It would be nice to at least be able to set how often the app looks for new messages.

In the end I think consolidate access to multiple mail services is best in a time when no one has just one email account.  For now if I don’t have access to Outlook I will continue to use the Windows Mail client. Tags: ,,