As more and more social media sites come online people are looking to see what kind of influence you have on the community.  Some employers are even checking your Klout or PeerIndex scores before they go into an interview.  My problem is that these sites don’t even come close to telling the whole story of a person’s influence in the community.

The first thing  is that they can’t measure things such as user group interaction.  How many conferences do you attend or speak at?  Are you responding to forums and emails asking for help.  Granted, these are not part of the new social media environment, but people should be aware of this before putting to much emphasis on the importance of these ratings.

The other thing is that these sites are not consistent with what they measure.  While PeerIndex allows you to register a blog via a URL Klout only understands popular blog hosting sites like WordPress. This leaves this blog and ones like it high and dry since it isn’t counted at all.  Similarly Klout follows sites like Flickr and Tumbler which aren’t a main concern for PeerIndex.  With these differences you can have a huge difference in your ranking between the sites.

The main thing you find out with these sites is how many people think enough about what you post in to tell their friends and associates about it.  A lot of that is really how well you manage your connections and reciprocate as opposed to the quality of your content.  My advice is to check your rankings, but don’t dwell on them.  Use them as advisory tools instead of the end goal and you can improve you impact in the community you target.