It has been a fun first morning at TechEd North America.  They keynote was both informative and entertaining.  Some of the high points included a walk through of Windows Server 2012 and its new Hyper-V capabilities and use of ODX (offloaded data transfer).  Between seeing stats like being able to being able run a Hyper-V VM with 1TB of memory and watching ODX move a 10GB file at a rate of 1GB per second was really impressive.

The fun started when Scott Guthrie was doing his keynote demo and popped up an iPhone emulator from Visual Studio.  There is just something wrong with that picture and the WPDev community agreed.  This was followed by an iPad emulator and by that time the groans across Twitter were rolling.

Later in the morning The Gu kept us laughing in the Azure Foundations session when he name a server Dude (I believe a suggestion from the crowd).  After that I thought I was watching the turtle in Finding Nemo.  Duuuuude!

In the expo area the line for the Windows Phone booth was ridiculous.  Granted this is a Microsoft event and is sure to be full of MS fan boys, but the only other time I have seen that much enthusiasm for Windows Phones in one place was on the flight down.

I am sure there will be a lot more to get excited about over the next few days.  Stay tuned.