Chicago Windows Phone Accelerator Lab Recap

This week I spent three day with close to 30 of my new best friends doing lots of Windows Phone coding and helping each other with our application.  The sessions were lead by Jeff Blankenburg and Dave Bost who and kept the atmosphere light.  This included us finding out a lot about Dave’s tastes in music.

While most of the time was spent working on our individual apps we saw how an app is submitted to the market place and what you can prep your app for the market place using the Marketplace Test Kit.  It was surprising how much of the process of is represented by this tool either in automated form or as scripts you can follow.

Another thing that we came out of the sessions with was a number of links to resources that are gems for both developers new to the platform or those wanting to branch out into new features.  Below are links to a couple of these resources.

We finished up the labs by going around the room and discussing what we had been working on and revelations from our work.  We also got to see a trio of interesting demos from our classmates.  In all it was a rejuvenating as well as an enlightening experience.  If one of these sessions comes to your area be sure to sign up.

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