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Chicago Architects Group – Document Generation Architectures

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Chicago Architects Group presentation last night.  It seemed like the weather has a way of keeping a large portion of the people who registered from making the meeting.  There was some lively networking going on before and after the meeting.  I enjoyed the questions that people had during the presentation.  It helped to bring out some of the challenges with dealing with the OOXML and ODF standards from an architecture perspective.

I have posted the Slides and Code.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

For those of you who missed the presentation I will be giving a similar one at the Lake County .NET Users Group on June 24th.

The next CAG presentation will be July 20th.  The presentation will be Architecting A BI Installation by David Leininger.  Look for the registration to open in the next day or so.

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June LCNUG Presentation

Office Open XML has been my focus for the last 8 months.  We are creating  solutions that generate data and business rule heavy presentations and document.  On June 24th I will be covering the how to use OOXML to generate documents that can be used as sales and marketing collateral.  Register below and come out and join the discussion.

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