Last weekend I had to travel out of town for a funeral and the flight out was one I don't want experience again.  So what happened?

I got to the airport early, but evidently that isn't a requirement for the flight crew.  We were told they were coming in on another flight and hadn't arrived yet.  Oh, and by the way the maintenance crew is looking at the breaks of our plane.  Great!

The crew finally arrived, but they decided it would be better if we didn't fly this particular aircraft.  So an hour later we load onto a new plane only to be told they need to replace a seal and we are stuck for another 15 minutes.  This is where the trip becomes interesting.

We finally pushed back from the gate and the plane lifted us into the sky.  Very quickly the passengers started looking around and sniffing the air.  About that time the plane started banking back around and the flight crew told us we were returning to the airport.  When we landing we got a fire truck escort back to the gate.  The story we were given was that they had accidentally gotten deicer into the air conditioning system.

A couple hours later we are on the third aircraft about to land at our destination.  We were only a couple hundred feet off the ground when the engines increased power, the wheels came up with a thud and the flaps were retracted.  It seems the runway wasn't clear and we had to go around.

Here is the kicker.  This weekend I have to fly again on this same wonderful airline.  Wish me luck.


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