Today was yet another snow day in the Chicago Area.  The client sent us home around lunch time.  Since I don't have remote access to the client I had the unusual experience of trying to get work done at home for the client (grab all the files you need and put them on a thumb drive).  I got to thinking about the difference between the office and home and I figured it would be fun to put down a few of these thoughts.


  • Have most things you need at your finger tips
  • Direct access to servers
  • You can walk to peoples desks
  • Can't get any work done because others are stopping at your desk
  • Get to spend quality hours in the car


  • Can work in slippers (frowned on in the work place and if you wear something else I don't want to hear about it)
  • Only the kids bother you
  • Slow connections if you have remote access
  • Tempted to play video games or watch TV (or write blog posts)

This is just a short list.  Now I need to get back to work.  What difference do you find?