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A few (6?) weeks ago, I started a project that I've always wanted to do. I am doing a re-write of the old VB6 game DopeWars with a partner in crime. I loved that game and spent many, many hours wasting time playing it years ago. I liked it so much, I even registered it (it was $5...even then, that wasn't much to spend). The VB6 version itself was a port of the old DOS game DrugWars (never go to play that).

I needed a game project to work on as it's been far too long since I've done any game work. There is surprising amount of logic built into the game (there is the way I'm writing it, anyway) with what is really a minimal interface. My design goal was to have an object model that could be easily adapted to any interface and so far, I've managed to do that. I am even considering a web-based version that could run via Facebook (no clue how to do that...yet).

I've enlisted the help of one of my DBA buddies to work on the interface while I am working on the object model. So far, this arrangement has gone well. The logical separation of concerns allows for us to collaborate easily. Once we get to the Facebook step, it will be great to have a DBA "on staff" to help that part off of the ground.

The object model is probably about 60% complete with quite a bit of testing to go. More on this as we go....

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