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On recommendation from a buddy, I have submitted a session for Codestock. I've never been to it, but I've heard great things about it. I sure hope mine gets selected.

I am thinking I'd like to do a session on using Windows Powershell as a testing platform for web-based applications. It's a much overlooked part of your Windows 7 install. I have built a few very lightweight test harnesses out of it, and I like it a lot. If you structure it right, it becomes far more manageable than you'd think, encourages resuability, and best of's free!!

I recently built a test harness for a small company with which I am associated ( to do some testing with the same, basic structure I use. My intent is to adapt this structure further and make it even more simple to use but at present, all you have to do is install PS, unzip the files and run them. It is one of the most portable testing platforms I've ever used.

At Codestock, should my session be accepted, I intend to show up with a fully-functional test harness that can be adapted with ease to just about any web-based testing. This harness will be available for anyone who is interested for free and with a request that if someone creates something "really cool" for it or comes up and a great idea how to improve it, they share it with me. :-)

I may attend anyway if the session is not approved, although I prefer to speak. I like to try and get in a couple of speaking engaqements a year so I don't get too rusty.

So, cross yer fingers for me. :-)

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