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I have a Acer AspireOne 751h that was originally shipped with Windows XP Home. It worked fine, and the price was good (got it at CostCo). For what it is, it worked beautifully. It does what a netbook does very well. However, it troubled me that with the "hotel loads" (what we called the minimum systems required to keep the ship operating in the Navy), almost 80% of the system resources were used. Sort of makes it hard to do much with that.

When Windows 7 came out, I installed Home Premium per MS recommendations. I confess that I am shocked MS has not released a Netbook specific version of the OS...but I digress...perhaps a topic for another post. My Win7 install was painless, and it runs great. It does use less than the XP Home did, 75% on average rather than 80%. However, this is a lot. BTW, I actually like WIn7...except for the UAC and the Virtual PC changes...more on that in another post... I also have WindowBlinds (WindowBling?) by Stardock installed and I have my machine looking remarkably like M's computer from Casino Royale...another post/review...seems perhaps I have to get busy with some posts.

I used ReadyBoost (very cool tech, btw) via the SD card slot on my machine (I have a 2GB card in the slot dedicated to RB). This improves the "visible performance" (another post I am overdue in making) of Win7 drastically, although it doesn't actually improve performance. Honestly, it actually costs you a *little* performance overall as the processor has to manage the RB.

For grins, I d/l the netbook remix of Ubuntu. I'd read about it and was curious how my machine would run it. It's a pretty slick netbook specific version of Ubuntu that gives you a terribly minimalistic interface with which to work, but in a good way. However, on my specific hardware, it performed horribly. I checked on the Ubuntu community site and found that this is pretty standard for my machine and the full install is recommended.


I installed the full version of Ubuntu 9.10 on yet another partition...and I LOVE it!! It runs incredibly fast and uses a *quarter* of the RAM that Win7 uses. Yes, you read that right: less than a quarter *and* it has the increased security of Linux. That's just crazy!! Now, I am not doing incredibly detailed work on it, but it's a Netbook...I want to browse the web and maybe...*maybe* edit a document. Why in the world should this take almost 80% or 75% of the system? It uses decent video settings, had drivers for my network card, etc....right out of the box. Painless setup..even to the point of moving my Windows partition so it could continue to exist. Super, just super.

Don't get me wrong; I am not ready to leave Windows. Windows rocks in its way. I am just now as much a fan of Ubuntu and will prolly consider using alongside Windows from now on.

My buddy at work is trying to get me to checkout Jolicloud, too, but I think maybe that's too much too soon....three partitions on my poor netbook is prolly enough. :-)

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