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I went to play hockey last night. I don't go on Friday night often, but I had time this week and didn't get any other ice time this week. Seemed like a great chance. When I got to the rink, I found a couple of players from my team were there. Very cool. Good practice could be had, and we did.

While we were changing, one of them told me a sad story. Mark, one of the players on one of the teams against which we play and with which we practice, had a heart attack while playing on the very ice surface we were going to play last night. He was playing on Thursday when it happened. He flatlined and they were never able to get it going again. He was declared dead on the ice right there. Mark was 43 and leaves a wife and kids(I believe).

It got me to thinking about how glad I am I got my health in order earlier this year. In February, Sheri and I embarked on a course to get ourselves in shape. Initially, the plan was just to lose a few pounds, but there more I lost and the stronger my heart/body, the better I felt. Now, I've lost 64 pounds and some large amount of fat (BMI is being done on Monday so I'll know how much). I am in the best cardio-vascular shape I've been in ages. I skated last night with kids half my age and kept up.

I realize that even with all of the exercise and weight loss, a heart attack is still a real possibility at any age. However, I know I have drastically reduced my chances and increased my quality of life.
When I get tired, and wonder if it's worth it, I'll remember Mark.

Somewhere, Mark is taking his shift as center, and I pray he's scoring on every shot.

Crash the net, boss!

Posted on Sunday, October 26, 2008 10:32 AM | Back to top

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