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I am *still* cleaning huge gobs of mud out of my ears. Next year (and yes we all want to run it next year), I'll wear earplugs. More on the earplugs in a sec.


The Mud Run is 4.2 miles of running through all kinds of muddy obstacles, including a 12 foot wall. You and your team of 4 or 2 must complete the obstacles together. It is a *tough* course. I am bruised, scraped, scratched, and very, very sore. I am happy because in February I wouldn't have even been able to consider running such a race. I plan to be in even better shape and do even better next year. Our team was only 976 out of 1105, but that's ok. We went out this year hoping to merely complete, and we did. Mission accomplished. I am proud as heck of the accomplishment, and my teammates. I'll link pics when they are available.

Learned some lessons about gear: hat: bad idea. Boots (which I had): great idea. Soft shorts bad idea (they get heavy and try to fall down; I ran half the race holding my pants up). Speedos: look silly, but great idea (I plan to look good in them by next year. *^_^*). Plastic/airtight means for carrying the only car key: fantastic idea. Gloves (which I had): great idea. on:

My buddy Brad came up for the race from Charleston. Brad is like a brother to me, and I value his relationship more than I do anyone in my family (outside of Sheri, Megan, and Thomas). Brad is like a brother to me, and I am honoured to say the feeling is mutual. Anyway, he brought earplugs, which made it great for keeping mud out of his ears, but made it hard for him to hear.

The end of the race is a stretcher carry. 3 of you carry one. We had Billy on our team (130 lbs) and thought he'd be perfect. We got to the end, and the race official said we'd have to wait on our stretcher (as they had taken off on the 100 yard run), or we could do the fireman's carry. He also tried to explain that if we did the carry, two of us would have to carry the two. Brad, earplugs doing their job too well, didn't hear this. He only heard "wait for stretcher" (we were all ready to be done by this point). He said "F**K THAT!", grabbed Billy (note the 260+ guy picked up the 130 lb guy) and ran for the finish line with me trying desperately to explain that perhaps he should carry Ray or me. He didn't hear me. So, Ray and I look at each other with might have been fear...and asked the same question at the same time (the athletic equivalent of drawing straws)..."How much do you weigh?". I lost by 15 pounds. :-S So, there I was attempting to sprint 100 yard with 185 pounds across my shoulders in a fireman's carry. About 3/4 of the way, I tried to talk myself into stopping, but a little voice in the back of my head said "want it, come on loser, want it". I made it the whole way. :-)

Anyway, my back will be a few days forgiving me, I suspect, but hey, that's ok. The race was fun and the feeling of accomplishment was amazing. Now, if we can just win our hockey game tonight....

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Way to go Theo (& Team!) - I'd like to try and make this next year, maybe not for the run itself, but at least to see it :)
Left by Lou on Sep 22, 2008 9:36 AM

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