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I had an adventure on my walk at lunch today (I try to walk a coupla times a week...part of the healthy me lifestyle).

I was walking and noticed a helicopter flying around low and slow...I didn't hear it as I was listening to my MP3 player (Drive-By Truckers for those who are curious). It was circling my intended path. I didn't pay it much more mind than to note it. Then, I noticed another, and a few minutes later, there were 4. I thought perhaps the thought police had finally decided they'd had enough of me.

Anyway, I kept walking and found some cops with many more within view at distance. I have nothing to fear from cops, so I continued my walk. It was suggested to me that I should go another way...firmly. I was thinking "Oh cool! I am being tasseled by "The Man"! I asked what was going on, but he didn't seem to appreciate the question...go figure. He grudgingly explained that they were "lookin' for a bad guy in the woods". Curiosity sufficiently satisfied, I turned around.

I am beginning to wonder if my lunchtime walks are a good idea in this neighborhood....two months ago (I found this out whilst discussing my adventure with a co-worker) a woman was snatched in broad daylight at one of the buildings in the corporate park here. :-S

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