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I have been directed to "speed up" test development at my employer. Ok, I can do that some. However, it has been decided to abandon the process I've been using for the past few months and I have been directed to use "record and playback".


This is a nightmare waiting to happen, and it didn't take long.

My first test under the new "development" plan won't save anymore. As soon as I add anything else to it, the following pops up:


Wow, now that is a helpful message! I just need to remove all of the generals, and it should have fine.

I then tried to revert to the saved file, you know, the one that QTP thinks should work and I get:


In case you were curious, the file format is the one that QTP uses. So, it would appear it corrupted its own test files. Nice.....

Part of the way I develop test relies on less of the internal (read as: POS) QTP tools because they aren't as reliable as the manufacturer (Hp these days) would have you believe. Mine takes longer, but I don't have these issues.

Ah, well...let's see how much faster it is if I have to keep dealing with this....

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