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I've been evaluating SlickEdit for awhile now, and wanted to see how it worked.

In a word: wonderful!

It's a good IDE, and does the job very well. A couple of good points in particular are:
1) It provides a mostly standard interface to work on projects of all different kinds. This is particularly useful if you have apps written in a variety of languages, or are called upon to support a legacy app whose native IDE is unknown to you.
2) It comes out of the box with a great set of tools including a very powerful RegEx builder...most handy in my work.
3) The online community support for this tool is fantastic, with many tools written to extend it's functionality.

I did have a couple of negatives to mention, however:
1) If you are using only one language, then the learning curve for this tool might be a bit steep. (There is also a plug in to VS if that is your flavour of IDE, but I didn't get as much time to evaluate this plugin).
2) I do .NETCF dev in my spare time, which SlickEdit doesn't really support (or doesn't seem too...feel free to correct me, if am wrong. :-) )
3) It supports VBScript, but it won't compile or give you runtime access to it like something like VBEdit will. You can get around some of this by running csript or wscript with your file, but it would be great to see SlickEdit support this out of the box.

Over all, it is a great product and does a great job.

Edit: Forgot the link to the product!!! :-S Posted on Thursday, June 12, 2008 12:37 PM | Back to top

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