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I know, I know...not made many true "GWB" type posts lately. Sorry about that. Been too much personal life stuff going on to do much coding. Some is coming, though. Now that the event is done, and honeymoon over, I will be getting back to my work and such. Probably making a strong focus on Torquex. A buddy has some good game ideas I want to work on with him.

However, before I move on, I thought I would say just a coupla things.

Savannah rocked. Great place to go. However, just as a note: it is seriously expensive for what you get. I am considered to be somewhat of an epicure by my friends, and I looked very much forward to getting a chance to eat at the famous places in Savannah. We ate the Pink House, the Lady and Sons (Paula Deen's restaurant), and several others. Overall, the food was ok (I was actually very unhappy with Deen's place), but waaaaaay overpriced. We could have paid far less and eaten far better any day of the week in Charlotte. No kiddin'.

Saw something funny at the gas station on the way back today. There was a car parked in front of us with "Just Married" written on the windows. Seemed it had been there a coupla days. Sheri and I waited patiently at the pump so we could get gas, which gave us a chance to examine the occupants of the car as they came out of the store. The bride still had her tiara (although otherwise they were both in jeans and t-shirts) on, and was running seriously rough-shod over the groom. He meekly followed her with his head down and sad nothing whilst she berated the living heck out of him. They got to the car, she opened her own door, got in and slammed it. His, unfortunately, was locked. He waited, making a painful face...hoping she would notice without having to get her attention. He finally gave up and tapped on the window once she started the car and put it in gear. He timidly tapped on the window once, and waited. You could tell it physically hurt him to do it. She unlocked the door, and he got in. She roared out of the gas station, mouth still running wide-open. I leaned over and gave Sheri a quick kiss, thanking her again and again for being her. I could only think as the car roared off in a cloud of oily smoke "And they lived happily-ever after"..... I so picked a great one.....

and for anyone who cares to see one of pictures of my kilt,  here ya go. The gent on the right is my new brother in law. That's the only link I'll post here of it, promise.

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# re: Savannah: I'd forgotten how blasted expensive it is!
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Way to rock the kilt, dude. Don't be shy; embrace the kilt! Flaunt the kilt!

A man in a kilt is a man & a half. I wear mine as often as I can. One of these lifetimes I'll wear it to Savannah to Molly McPherson's Scottish Pub. As is, it gets worn to Tommy Condon's a few times a year. I actually am looking at getting a new one in a different tartan....

My folks went to Savannah last week as well, and mum also said that she was disappointed by Paula Deen's place. She's a huge Paula fan so this was a major let-down for her. She said the food was salty and all over kinda mediocre for the price and 3-hour wait.
Left by MojoSteve on Nov 12, 2007 4:15 PM

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