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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

Ok, so I don't repeat what Blogus says, go on to read his comments. No, worries. Take yer time; I'll wait.

So, to be honest I agree with Blogus on his comments about the movie. Truly, Zombie is a demented genius. I was convinced he would do this classic film justice, and he lives up to my expectations.

However, there is one key point that I'd like to underscore about this film:

It is scary precisely because it is so believable.


I have long held a theory human beings aren't scared by the fantastic or amazing nearly as much as we are by the common and mundane gone askew. Sure, vamps can be scary, but our ability to think that isn't real provides us some serious emotional insulation to not be scared. A child is scared by monsters of this ilk precisely because they believe such monsters could exist.

However, when we take a believable set of factors and mess with them....we are not insulated as well. The Halloween story is a prime example. A boy flips out and kills his family. We see this in the news; this is a not only possible, but it's happened. So, we find ourselves unable to ignore what we see or discount it as not being "real".

Now, take this a step further, and really scare a human: remove a human's ability to reason with the situation. Cujo is scary because the dog is normal entity in our lives, but due to rabies, we cannot relate to the dog as our minds say we must. Michael Myers is additionally scary because we cannot reason with him. We cannot expect pity or restraint. We are afraid because we know that no matter what we say, if he decides to kill us, he will. Humans do not like situations in which we cannot understand or relate to the antagonist.

So, in it's original form, the film Halloween was already pretty darn scary (especially for the time). Zombie takes the original film, and gives the boy Michael Myers (and what a great choice of actor) a back story. He gives reasons why the child might be a "little" messed up. He provides a hypothesis that might explain how such a thing could happen. We begin to feel badly for him, and all that has happened to him. He is a poor, sad, confused boy who goes totally psychotic.  I think the inclusion of the back story was brilliant, and adds some realism. Michael Myers becomes less some mysterious monster and more someone you've read about in the news.

And, OMG, the first kill he makes.....<shivers> I'll be seeing that in my mind's eye for many nights to come......

If classic horror is your bag (think "The Exorcist" or "American Werewolf in London" rather that "Scream" or "I Know What You Did Last Summer"), then film seriously rocks.

BTW, don't bring your 5 year old to this one. One seriously messed up mother brought her child to the viewing tonight. Little fella couldn't have been more than 5. Was truly wrong to see him in there......

EDIT: And props for my homegirl Maryanne for going with me and watching this. Lost track of how many times during the film she said "You betta be glad I like you..." Word, grrlfren! Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2007 12:52 AM | Back to top

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*chuckles* Yes I know..I must have said it a few times at least. You just betta be glad I don't have nails..I must have grabbed your arm by accident half a dozen times durring the movie. AND AMEN to calling out that psycho child-abusing mother who brought a 5 yr old to that movie...she should be beaten with a rubber hose for that wonderful lapse in judgement. (Baseball bat goes CRUNCH)
Left by Maryanne Sweat on Sep 17, 2007 8:37 AM

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