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In my last mention of Typed DataSets, I commented on the overall fragility of the structure and I came out in support of using SP and data readers as a superior method of data management. I did state that the serialization that typed datasets gives you is one great reason to use them, but suggested that they work best with a data structure that isn't going to change a lot. I also feel they have a lot of overhead that the reader/SP approach doesn't.


Well, I've seen another good reason to use typed datasets despite the drawbacks: relations. I can get at child table data using the relationships established in my database, and do some on the fly filtering of the data at the client. This didn't immediately come to mind when I started using them, but now I see how powerful (and fast in the right context) this can be.


Now, admittedly this is cursor-based, and therefore perhaps not as fast a reader in some situations, but it is a nice, OO way to deal with your data.

I might become a fan of them yet.....

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They tend to leave a bad taste in my mouth. If you are utilizing CSLA in your system, then I really don't see what they bring to the table. The child relationships are already managed by the CSLA structure, and you get serialization with CSLA as well, not to mention undo (or rollback if you want to call it that) and of course data binding. If you dig into what DataSets (typed or otherwise) were designed to do, it is simply to provide an abstraction on top of an arbitrary datastore and make it look like relational tables. When you really simplify the discussion of DataSets, Microsoft's thinking comes down to making xml AND relational data stores look the same. If you believe there is truth and light in the OO way, then why would you want make your object interfaces look like data with no behavior? Is not one of primary tenants of the OO religion encapsulation of data? I have recently experienced first hand you can substitute CSLA objects for DataSets in many situations. However, you need to have codegen of CSLA available to achieve the productivity you initially feel when VS generates a typed dataset for you.
Left by Todd Stout on Sep 13, 2007 9:44 PM

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I forgot to mention that I read somewhere recently that Rocky i s writing a book on using DataSets instead of business objects. His views should be interesting on the subject.
Left by Todd Stout on Sep 13, 2007 9:49 PM

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