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I am working on a CSLA project, and I've run into something strange. I have parent object with a child collection. I am binding the child collection to a flexgrid, and I want to have the grid handle the editing/add new row functionality.

I've set the grid to AllowNew = True (via the designer), I've added the AllowNew = True to the childlist object's private constructor, and I've overridden the AddNewCore and added code to add a new child. Should be all good, right?

Clearly, it's not, though or I wouldn't be posting about it. Funny thing happens. I've set a breakpoint in the childlist class, and verified that the private constructor is called. I verified that the AllowNew at that point is true. When it gets back up to the grid, it's now false. Additionally, the grid AllowNew is false at runtime, and not the value I set it in the designer. If I expressly call the AllowNew off the child (Parent.ChildList.AllowNew = true) and set the grid property explicitly when I do the binding, it works perfectly. It's a mystery.....guess I'll keep researching this one.....

Posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 11:01 PM | Back to top

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