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Just got serious about building an app based on the CSLA framework recently. Been meaning to do this for some time, but I am definitely at a point where I would like to learn a bit more than strictly the basics. Best way? Build one yourself. There is some small amount of prep work, which is about what I've done so far. Built a db I can hit and extract data from, for example. Should be starting on building the business objects in the next couple of days (tonight?).

I'll also be working on a CSLA app with someone else for a practical reason: building an app he needs. That one will be even more instructive, I think, as we will be able to hammer on details and work through snags together. All the better than it will serve a real, practical purpose in the greater scope of things.

Also, the third week is going well on the new job. We have just completed an iteration/sprint. Since we are starting a new one, I should be able to be part of things a bit more and be more useful. I've spent this week working with another guy on the team, and I can tell you that the pair programming thing isn't so bad. Definitely has its downside, but some upsides too. 'Course, the poor guy stuck with me may think differently......

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