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Ok, here's my rare off professional topic post. Some of the folks from work went to see Superman Returns yesterday afternoon. I will go on record in saying that some people were right and I was wrong: ultimately, not a great movie. It was merely ok.

I was pleased with Spacey as Luthor as I thought I would be, but not overwhelmed. Perhaps he was trying not to upstage Superman too badly. I didn't like the Lois character, the Perry character, or the Olsen character nearly as well as I had hoped I would. The new Superman was ok, but I expected far more than ok for what I hoped would be a great revitalization of the mythos.

I realize the problem here is that my expectations were based, albeit unfairly, on the unbelievale successes of Batman Begins and V for Vendetta. Both of these knocked it out of the park. Perhaps Superman would have shone brighter had the light of these giants been absent.

I apologize for the lack of details, but I would prefer not to give away any spoilers.

Naturally, see it for yourself if you are so inclined. Some of the action would be far better served on the big screen to be sure. However, unless you are set of seeing it in a theatre, I'd wait for the rental.

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# re: Superman Returns, but why?
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Hey... "some people" are pretty damn smart. How about that?

Actually I am saddened to be right so often. I wanted this to be a good movie. (No I have not seen it yet.)
Left by Blogus Maximus on Jun 29, 2006 7:52 AM

# re: Superman Returns, but why?
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Yeah, I hoped it would be in spite of my mind telling me my heart was wrong.

Again it doesn't suck, but then again, the people with whom I went thought it did. Maybe my loyalty to the genre prevents me from saying it does.

It is an ok flick, but not worth the hype...
Left by Theo Moore on Jun 29, 2006 8:11 AM

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