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I had a need recently to be able to take arrays of data with unpredictable orders and compare them. However, the order of the data is irrelevant and unpredictable. So, how to do it? I wrote two things: One to compare the arrays, and a bubble sort to sort the values. Elementary programming, yes, but handy nonetheless.

Private Function ArrayCompare(ByRef vArray1, ByRef vArray2, ByVal lCompareType)
 Dim blnResult   'As Boolean
 Dim vTemp1    'As Variant
 Dim vTemp2    'As Variant

 'We will assume the arrays are split already so we don't have to
 'know how to split them.

 'However, we will sort them here...
 ArraySort vArray1, UBound(vArray1)
 ArraySort vArray2, UBound(vArray2)

 blnResult = True

 If UBound(vArray1) = UBound(vArray2) Then
  'We now know the arrays have the same number of elements
  For lIndex = LBound(vArray1) to UBound(vArray1)
   Select Case lCompareType
     vTemp1 = CStr(vArray1(lIndex))
     vTemp2 = CStr(vArray2(lIndex))
    Case USELONG
     vTemp1 = CLng(vArray1(lIndex))
     vTemp2 = CLng(vArray2(lIndex))
   End Select
   If vTemp1 = vTemp2 Then
    blnPass = True
    blnPass = False
    'once we get a negative result, no need
    'to continue
    Exit For
   End If
  Next 'lIndex
  blnResult = False
 End If

 ArrayCompare = blnResult
End Function


Public Sub ArraySort(pstrArray, plngMaxItem)
Dim lIndex
Dim blnSwitched
Dim strTemp

 blnSwitched = False
 For lIndex = 0 To plngMaxItem - 1
  If pstrArray(lIndex) > pstrArray(lIndex + 1) Then
  'item out of place, move it
   blnSwitched = True
   'Change the items out.
   strTemp = pstrArray(lIndex)
   pstrArray(lIndex) = pstrArray(lIndex + 1)
   pstrArray(lIndex + 1) = strTemp
   End If
 Loop While blnSwitched
End Sub

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