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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

Since Chris felt obligated to post my opinion on this, I thought I'd weigh in also.
I have been a Superman fan for as long as I've been a Batman fan (or Chris a Buck Rogers fan...wait, that'll get the whole Gil Gerard pedophile thing going again...I mean he's not...but...never mind). I have always viewed the two heroes as being the positive/negative aspects of what we want to see in our heroes. Superman is Batman's antithesis in so many ways, and yet they compliment each other. It is yin and yang (doesn't it really annoy you when people in the SE US say "Ying Yang"????), light and dark. The notion that an accurate Batman would ever be in Justice League is unreal, since Superman would disapprove so much of his methods......

Yes, before you ask, I've spent a LONG time thinking about these sort of things.
Theo = GEEK!!!

I am hopeful that the Superman movie will get the same treatment as Batman, but only in the academic sense. Batman Returns put the gothic darkness back into a character who had become too tame, to "politically correct". It was as if new life have been breathed into a dead body. I confess (and the aforementioned Chris can atest to this) that I actually got teary-eyed to see the hero of my childhood returned from the "kindler, gentler society" abyss.

That said, I am worried about the Superman moive. Everything I've seen on it suggests it will be dark, as Chris has suggested. Superman, to quote Chris again, is a boyscout, and should look like one. He should be light, and bright. Dark colours and looks aren't what he's about. As Chris points out, the images we've seen so far are far darker and sinister than I would ever expect from Superman. You know, as corny as it is, the Christopher Reeve version from the first movie is more what I think of when I think comic book Superman. The second one was a good movie, but the character was wrong.

One of the dangers of trying to have a movie with a larger than life character in a sequel is that everyone wants to see the character in a more relatable fashion. Once you see Superman in bed with Lois Lane, and make mistakes, etc., some of the "larger than life" goes away, and in my opinion, damages that character. Which is largely what happened to the Batman genre after Tim Burton left it. The first two Keaton movies were my faves because the Batman in those was more right, even though less so in the second one. Again, they attempted to give him too much of a "real life". BTW, let us pray that is not done with the new Batman, wot?

I sure hope it turns out better than I fear.

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