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Tim Hibbard CEO for EnGraph software

Pre-approval letter in hand, let the house shopping begin!10:10 AM Apr 28th

Apparently it's impossible to look at a house without the realtor begging to be your buyer's agent. Back off people!1:36 PM Apr 30th

Finally going live with software that I've been working on for 2+ years!3:59 PM Apr 30th

First install and we run into a proxy brick wall...smooth4:43 PM Apr 30th

Done with an exhausting day of house hunting. Found a lot that we liked. One that we LOVED, in shawnee of all places.6:40 PM May 2nd

We still aren't sure if we could actually leave lawrence though. So much coolness in this town.6:41 PM May 2nd

Found another very cool house in shawnee. Love this area, didn't even really knew it existed before this weekend.3:01 PM May 3rd

My fav website these days: - amazing how some people are asking 2-3% above appraised value. Crack smokers8:59 AM May 6th

We just had a realtor tell us she wouldn't accept our pre-approval letter from BofA. Umm, seriously?5:47 PM May 6th

Officially submitted an offer on the shawnee house. Many knots in stomach.1:31 PM May 9th

Ugh...their counter offer sucks and they probably aren't going to like our counter offer...preparing ourselves to walk away from this one9:12 PM May 9th

Counter counter offer submitted. This is starting to get fun. Bring it on!12:13 AM May 10th

Still in negotiations, only battling over closing and possession dates now. Everything else is ironed out.4:32 PM May 10th

Our counter offer was rejected over...get this...$172 of rent we asked for because they wanted to live in the home for 4 days past closing7:55 AM May 12th

@ericjgruber That's how we feel. If this was such a big deal, what else would they have been stupid about during the rest of the process8:09 AM May 12th

Couldn't have said it better myself - @chibb's take on our offer being rejected - AM May 12th - The camry is rocking the sticker. Thanks guys. Unrelated: Sorry @chibb :)2:49 PM May 12th

Ben and @chibb landed safely in Chicago and Ben was a champ during the flight!10:09 AM May 14th

I don't know if "trained" is the word I'm looking for, but my wife is out of town and I still put the toilet seat down10:12 PM May 14th

Ugh...I've been up all night with the Buffalo Wild Wings Flu. No trail run for me this morning.6:58 AM May 16th

I slept 13 hours and feel a lot better. Still a little light headed and queasy and down about 8 lbs from avg weight. Never eating BWW again.7:27 AM May 17th

Excited that @chibb and Ben come home today. Trying to get the house cleaned up before I go pick them up from the airport8:08 AM May 17th

Choking down oatmeal with no milk. Apparently I have the bug where you feel fine on Sunday, but kicks you in the junk on monday.2:57 PM May 18th

Great bday dinner with @chibb, Ben, @kylejarcher, Allie and Sophs - PM May 28th

Ben is growing up. Got rid of the infant car seat today and installed the @Britax1:46 PM May 30th

Just placed an offer on a great place in Lenexa8:21 PM May 30th

Our offer was accepted!!10:42 AM May 31st

My favorite part of our new house - Pic: AM Jun 1st

Buying a warranty actually paid off for me. Got a new TomTom 930 today cause 910 that I bought 3 years ago has been crapping out.2:31 PM Jun 6th

We hit a few snags today during the inspection and getting insurance. Hopefully all will be resolved quickly.8:37 PM Jun 8th

Heading to a WPF conference in Chicago via Pella, IA and Madison. Ben's first really big road trip. #fb7:12 AM Jun 11th

Round 2 of negotiations (post-inspection) are done!8:14 AM Jun 11th

Getting ready to check in for my classes. Gonna be a great day of WPF learning. - AM Jun 12th

Awesome trail run tonight with the crew from TrailHawks - they were gentle popping my trail cherry :) - PM Jun 17th

Heading to KC with @chibb to P&L to spend a night boozin' celebrating my 30th, father's day, buying a house and getting a babysitter :)2:10 PM Jun 19th

Video of Ben crawling around and standing himself up for the first time - PM Jun 21st

@fxdgear we have too much crap!9:40 PM Jun 24th

Closing on Lenexa house in 12 hours! #fb11:19 PM Jun 25th

Homeowners!11:09 AM Jun 26th

Thanks everybody. @chibb and I are thrilled. And also a bit exposed, didn't realize that there wasn't any blinds :)12:23 PM Jun 26th

Everything is off the truck and into the house. Many thanks to my dad for helping and Chels mom for watching Ben #fb10:43 PM Jun 28th

First ever #bike commute. 2.91 miles in 11 minutes and 2 seconds. Pretty easy ride. A few hills, but nothing major.2:01 PM Jun 29th

@mintchaos The place is an absolute disaster of boxes. I couldn't find any clothes so I came work in gym clothes :)3:40 PM Jun 29th

Backed up pipes! Poop in the basement! Yay for home ownership!! - PM Jul 1st

We are moved in enough that we can park one car in the garage! - PM Jul 3rd

Enjoying a beautiful night with @chibb on our new deck. - PM Jul 4th

I ran a 5:46 mile this morning. My fastest ever since high school - AM Jul 10th

I promise to be a better blogger :)

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Almost forgot.. what was the most interesting aspect of the last couple months that you recorded in twitter?
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