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8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

Since my Dell D610 is three years old, I decided it was time for a new lappy.  I finally decided on a E6400 from Dell.


Finally a machine that can actually run Vista.  Here is my score:



So far I love it.  I can have VS 2008 plus a couple virtual machines open and it doesn’t even blink.


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Print | posted on Friday, February 27, 2009 3:00 PM |



# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

I've been running Vista on a new desktop quad-core with 8GB of RAM and 10,000RPM hard drives and it's the first time since Vista came out that I don't find myself frustrated with the lag and the wait for things to start/switch/etc.

It took a Windows Experience Index of 5.6 out of 5.9 before Vista feels close to as snappy as Ubuntu.
2/27/2009 6:37 PM | J Wynia

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

Nice! How much did you spend on that beauty Tim?
3/2/2009 10:34 AM | Keith Rull

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

It was right around $2800
3/2/2009 1:58 PM | Tim Hibbard

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

$2800 isn't such a horrible deal...but I have read not-so-great reviews about Dells...Right now, I'm using an HP with Vista and love it :)
3/5/2009 5:00 PM | Blue Lizard

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

Hi, I have Dell Latitude E6400. from where i can purchase 8GB RAM for my laptop? can any one help please
4/11/2009 4:10 AM | Rafat

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

You can get a 4GB Ram from Newegg.
I hope that helps.
(buy 2)
It will = 8 GB
4/21/2009 10:50 PM | Rich

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

the 4gb sticks on newegg are for desktops only, they won't work on laptops and if you manage to get it working then it'll be slow an shitty
7/9/2009 10:28 AM | Bob

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

I happened to see this and just wanted to mention Newegg does in fact sell 4gb DDR2-800 ram for laptops.

7/17/2009 6:02 PM | Albert

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

Nice, but 2800 seems like allot. I bought an HP HDX for $950, and have a windows base experience rating of 5.2.
Processor: 5.2
Memory (RAM): 5.9
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming Graphics: 5.4
Primary Hard Disk: 5.6

So it just seems a little overrated to buy something so expensive when you can buy good things for cheap. I run Vista x64. 4gb ram. 2.27GHz Intel core 2 duo processor. nVidia GeForce GT 130M with 1gb dedicated memory. Runs beautiful, and all for under $1000.
8/12/2009 1:12 PM | Tavo

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

I have had a Asus M51Se for about a year now. It is my primary computer which I do a swag of Photoshopping on. I upgraded my ram to 4g straight up when I was running Vista 32bit but it still ran like a dog when processing photoshop files and running more than a couple of programs at the same time.

I recently changed to Win7 64bit and changed PS to 64bit as well, but the biggest performance change I made was to install a 120G SSD which has changed the laptop from a dog to a speed demon. EG windows starts up with in 12 sec from hitting the power button. Photoshop CS.. up and running within 4 sec of clicking the icon. I recommend the SSD upgrade over ram any time. The SSD cost $409AU (around the same as 8G of Ram) and gave me the following Win Exp score (not the be all and end all in terms of bench marks)

Processor: 5.6
Gaming Graphics: 5.5
Primary HD: 6.9

But I'm still on the look out for 2 x 4g sticks of DDR2 Ram!
Any suggestions?
10/25/2009 4:39 AM | Tim

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

I have been looking for that 8 gigs pair myself, about to look at newegg. The best price seems to be around $270 but there are so many different laptops, here's where you want to start, just select how much ram you want.
11/17/2009 9:50 AM | oes tsetnoc

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

Well, I have compared numerous ram sites and one, not the only, of the best is www.buymemory.com. You just need to know what is the ram you need and be specific, e.g. pc3 8500 ddr3 1066 Mhz (204-pin as mine is a laptop). Prices were much better than tiger direct, Newegg, crucial, and Amazon.com by quite a bit.
1/20/2010 6:36 PM | John Leenay

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

i think 8 GB ram in laptop is not enough but 100 GB for super extreme performance
6/13/2010 3:51 AM | frizadiga

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

I just picked up a new laptop, an Acer, it only has 4gigs of Ram but does eveything I need, I looked at Dell too but they were out of my price range. Im looking forward to the day when Flash memory can actually compete..that will be sweet..but years off I suppose..
4/25/2011 12:24 AM | G.S.Hock

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

Just got a new laptop with 4 GB, tried some virtual boxes in it and it was too sluggish. So we swapped it out for an 8GB beast and sure enough - it really made a world of difference! 8GB is also more ram than our servers had of disk storage 10 years ago, wow.
8/30/2011 2:46 PM | Cary

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

I want 8gb ram, i7 processor laptop
12/11/2011 10:14 PM | Naveen

# re: 8GB RAM in laptop…mmmm

Please let me know the price ranges of various laptops which have 8 GB RAm & i7 processor
2/8/2012 5:59 AM | abhishek
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