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Tim Hibbard CEO for EnGraph software

I would say that I have fairly decent grammar. I'm not a good speller, but I try not to leave too many prepositions dangling.

So, I'm working along on an article, and all of the sudden, MS Word 2007 throws this little guy at me:



I've never even heard of a Reflexive Pronoun.  It sounds like it hurts.  Needless to say, I was humbled tonight by my computer.


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Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2006 6:42 PM MS Office | Back to top

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# re: What is a reflexive pronoun?
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I learned this one in high school Spanish. Reflexive pronouns are myself, himself, themselves, itself, etc. From your screenshot, it looks like Word is complaining about you saying "their own data" because "own" is redundant -- "their data" tells you whose data it is without needing "own." This is not to say that you can't keep "own" in there -- reflexive pronouns are good for emphasizing ownership, and it looks like that's appropriate in your sentence.

Uh. Yeah. I'm a grammar geek but not a grammar nazi.
Left by Katie Lohrenz on Nov 26, 2006 8:43 PM

# re: What is a reflexive pronoun?
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Thank you. That helped me loads.
Left by Ashleigh Alexander on Sep 29, 2009 2:24 PM

# re: What is a reflexive pronoun?
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I know this is quite late but I was looking to answer the same question you posed here when I found this post, in addition to a wonderful site answering our question quite well. The advice I got there made Word stop yelling at me about my reflexive, so it must be good. :)
Left by Lori on Dec 10, 2009 11:30 AM

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