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Tim Hibbard CEO for EnGraph software

2005 KC Dev Con was good. The speakers were informed and the sessions got to the point quickly. There was the expected Microsoft spin...plugging VS 2005 and making sure we knew that EVERYTHING was being ran inside VirtualPC. There must have been a memo about it...We heard VirtualPC over 40 times I bet.

I attended the Smart Client Track where Jon Box talked typed datasets, binding sources, background workers, as well as a bunch of cool stuff you can do with Visual Studio Tools for Office. I'm still confused on a couple things with VSTO though...

Dale Michalk talked about ClickOnce, adjusting security settings on the function level (rather than changing zones), using Application.Reset to restart your ClickOnce app and targeting the Compact Framework. I had a couple questions for him that he didn't know off the top of his head, but was nice enough to give me his email address.

The closing keynote was disappointing. Usually, the closing is a multimedia, demo-filled presentation about all kinds of cool geek stuff and you leave with little MSN butterflies in your stomach and you just want to go home and code all night. This guy talked about some cool things, but there wasn't any flare, no excitement. Everything was very dry and acronym laded. It was a bit much to try to follow after absorbing so much info in the last eight hours.

I ran into a fellow GWB and Lawrence geek, Clint Batman. Turns out his company offers a solution that could possibly save our company ALOT of money. Clint talks about his DevCon day here. Rob was there, and so was Jeff.

It was a good if I can only convince EnGraph to let me go to PDC...

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